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AM09 HotCool Fan Heater White/Nickel
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AM09 HotCool Fan Heater White/Nickel


Dyson Hot and Cool fan heater White/Silver. Say goodbye to running up your electric bill unnecessarily. The Dyson 302427-01 sports 2000 watts of heating power. Also, its portable design lets you take the warmth with you. This 302427-01 space heater is electric powered. Find the heat level that's right for you with its multiple heat settings. In addition, the 302427-01 features a thermostat, allowing you to choose your preferred temperature. It features a 218mm width, an 182mm height, and a 613mm depth. The Dyson 302427-01 boasts a white finish. Beyond that, its timer helps you decide when to produce serious heat just when you want it. The Dyson space heater has a 2 year manufacturer warranty. Conserve energy by only heating the space you are using with this Dyson space heater.