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Asko 82cm Built-In Dishwasher
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Asko 82cm Built-In Dishwasher


14 Place Settings 8 Wash Programs Turbo Drying™ 14 Place Settings 8 Wash Programs Turbo Drying™ Cutlery FlexiTray Premium Upper Rack Premium Lower Basket Cutlery Basket Type: Dishwasher Installation type: Built-in Size: XL, 82 cm Display type: Touch Screen Display Number of programs: 8 Noise level: 46 dB(A) Number of baskets: 3 Max loading height upper basket: 230 mm Max loading height lower basket: 350 mm Number of place settings: 14 Length electrical cord: 1820 mm Length inlet hose: 1680 mm Length outlet hose: 2000 mm Voltage: 220-240 V Current: 10 amp Energy consumption - tested program: 0.73 kWh Energy stars: 3.5 Water stars: 4.5 InstantLift™: Easy height adjustment of the top tray Divisible and removable trays: Yes Rack for knifes and utensils: Yes Rack for cups and bowls: Yes Telescopic rails: Yes Tight mesh base: Yes Multi position wine shelf: Upper left Multi position wine glass shelf: Upper right Fixed pin rows: Yes Fixed glass support: Yes Wide knife stand: Yes Knife caddy: Yes Guide rails with ball bearings: Yes Tight mesh base: Yes Foldable/divisible pin rows: Lower basket back Cutlery basket: Yes Normal wash: Yes Heavy wash: Yes Rinse & hold: Yes Daily wash: Yes Time program: Yes Eco wash: Yes Long dry: Yes High temperature: Yes Time set: Yes Number of spray zones: 9 Number of spray arms: 3 WideSpray™: Extra washing power for pots and pans SCS - Super Cleaning System™: Yes AquaLevel™ sensor: Yes Spray arms in stainless steel: Yes Turbo Drying™: Yes Salt refill indicator: Yes Digital countdown indicator: Yes Voice signal for the end of washing cycle: Yes Hidden heater: Yes Few sealing points outside the container: Yes Seam welded tank: Yes Waterproof external base: Yes Exterior float: Yes AquaDetect™ - water safety: Yes AquaLevel™ sensor: Yes Stand by water protection: Yes Extra durable PEX inlet hose: Extra durable PEX inlet hose Max time water intake: Yes Sound alarm in case of leakage: Yes Anti block drain pump: Yes Adjustable feet: Yes