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60cm Pyrolytic Oven - Stainless Steel
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60cm Pyrolytic Oven - Stainless Steel

Now $2399.00

This stainless steel ASKO Craft 60cm built-in Pyrolytic Oven features a 71-litre capacity and plenty of cooking functions to further expand your culinary repertoire. For all your roasting, grilling, and baking needs, select from up to 87 automated cooking programs or up to 18 oven functions at the digital display interface with full colour touch screen navigation and ergonomic metal dials. You can cook roasts to perfection without over-drying with the included meat probe sensor. The ASKO Craft oven OP8664S has one telescopic fully extendable guide with locking function for safely loading and unloading heavy casserole pots. Eliminate the need for manual scrubbing with the Pyrolytic self-cleaning function that melts grease and oil splatters into fine ash for easy wiping up afterwards. The ASKO OP8664S has a full glass front door with four layers of heat reflective glass so it's cool on the outside, and it's Soft-closing too to ensure no sudden slamming - just give it a little nudge and it'll silently close on its own. Everyday functionality and a minimalist stainless steel Scandinavian design makes the ASKO Craft pyrolytic oven an easy choice for home renovators.