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Delonghi 90cm Freestanding Oven with Gas Cooktop
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Delonghi 90cm Freestanding Oven with Gas Cooktop


130L Oven 5 Oven Functions Stainless steel fat filter Door & oven cooling system Accessory storage compartment Automatic ignition Durastone plus Enamel Made in Italy Functions: 5 Gross Oven Capacity: 130L Grilling: Powerful 2200W Closed Door Burner Gas Cooktop with Wok and Simmer Burner: 5 Heavy Duty Cast Iron Trivets: Yes Fully Programmable Clock and Timer: Yes Temperature Range 50-250°C: Yes Rear 15W Incandescent Lighting: Yes Wide Viewing Door: Yes Instant Automatic Gas Ignition: Yes Door and Oven Cooling System: Yes Double Glazed Oven Door: Yes Anti-Tip Shelving in Oven: Yes Durastone Plus Enamel: Yes Removable Oven Door: Yes Stainless Steel Oven Fan Filter: Yes Piece pressed stainless steel gas cooktop: 1 Accessory Storage Compartment: Yes Wire Shelf: 1 Roasting/Grilling Tray with Grill Rack and Handles: 1 Cast Iron Wok Support: 1 Small Pan Support: 1 Stainless Steel Fan Filter: 1 Pizza Stone (PIZZASTONE): Yes Telescopic Shelf Kit: Yes Deep Baking Tray: Yes Reversible Griddle (DGRIDDLE2): Yes