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60cm Gas Cooktop
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60cm Gas Cooktop


You can have the flexibility to meet all your cooking needs with this stainless steel InAlto cooktop's 4 burners. It's gas powered. The stainless steel InAlto ICGW60S has a wok burner, so you can toss fresh veggies in a perfectly heated wok. Its cast iron trivets let you protect your cooktop from pan scrapes and scratches. The InAlto cooktop comes with a flame failure safety device and features an electronic ignition. Also, it has a 580mm width, a 40mm height, and a 500mm depth. You can cook eggs, vegetables and meats at the ideal heat with the cooktop's knob controls. You can revel in a refined look thanks to this InAlto cooktop. This gas cooktop must be installed by a licensed professional.