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70cm Gas Cooktop
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70cm Gas Cooktop


This stainless steel Emilia cooktop's gas power lets you cook evenly without annoying hot and cold spots. It has 5 burners, allowing you to cook the way you want to cook. The stainless steel Emilia SEC75GWI is natural gas powered. You can toss fresh veggies in a perfectly heated wok with its wok burner. The stainless steel SEC75GWI cooktop's cast iron trivets enable you to protect the cooktop. It has an electronic ignition. The stainless steel SEC75GWI has a 685mm width, a 30mm height, and a 500mm depth. It has a stainless steel finish, so you can complement your kitchen's look. Also, you can reach all the burners easily without accidentally hitting the controls with the Emilia cooktop's front knob controls. It's a smart pick for reveling in a look that fits your kitchen layout. This gas cooktop must be installed by a licensed professional.