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90cm Gas Cooktop
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90cm Gas Cooktop


This spacious 90cm stainless steel Technika gas cooktop has five burners including a dual valve wok burner so you can go from high-powered stir-frying or boiling, right down to the lowest of simmers using the small, inner flame only. The Technika TGC9GLX features electronic ignition allowing you to achieve the level of gas you need very quickly by operating the conveniently-positioned, front control knobs. It has cast iron trivets and burner caps to effortlessly hold the heaviest of cookware. Keeping your Technika stainless steel gas cooktop clean is easy with a wipe using a damp cloth and a mild, non-abrasive cleaning detergent for more stubborn residue. You'll easily get different meals cooking at once with this generously-sized Technika gas cooktop.