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Citiz Capsule Coffee Machine - Chrome
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Citiz Capsule Coffee Machine - Chrome


This Nespresso Breville Citiz Solo Capsule Coffee Machine BEC630CRO features Nespresso's unique 19 bar extraction and Thermoblock heating system to deliver optimal temperature and consistency to your morning brew. You won't be waiting long at all for that much-needed caffeine hit with this Breville coffee machine's 25 second heat-up time. With your Nespresso capsules in hand, select either the Espresso or Lungo pre-set button for your preferred coffee length and Nespresso Citiz Solo will automatically stop brewing at the desired level. This capsule coffee machine easily caters for your favourite espresso cup - or for a taller glass if lungo is your preference - with its folding cup holder. It will auto-switch off after nine minutes of inactivity to reduce energy consumption and you can easily find space for Citiz on your kitchen bench with its stylish, compact design.