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Smeg Pump Espresso Machine
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Smeg Pump Espresso Machine


1350W power 15 bar professional pressure Thermoblock heating system Anti-drip system 3 filters 1L removable water tank User-friendly control panel Removable drip-tray Mug tray for latte macchiato glasses Anti-slip feet 50s Style 3D logo Slim dimensions Metal wrap with coloured polycarbonate housing Stainless steel filter holder, frame and cup tray Steel cup holder Metal steam lever Chrome plated base 1-cup button; 2-cup button; Steam option Adjustable Cappuccino system Flow stop function to customize your coffee length Descaling light indicator Finish: Coloured polycarbonate Functions: 1-cup button, 2-cup button, Adjustable Cappuccino system, Flow stop function to customise coffee length Cleaning: 1L removable water tank with optional water filter, Descaling light indicator Safety: Anti-slip feet Power: 220-240V, 50/60 Hz, 1350W