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Office Home & Business 2016
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Office Home & Business 2016


Set your ideas in motion and be more productive with the Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 software package T5D-02877. With the latest Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote applications designed for both personal and business use on your PC, you will now create and communicate faster. There are time saving features, a new modern look and templates, and built-in collaboration tools so now you can work in the same document as colleagues or friends without having to email around and losing track of the latest version. Plus, you can save all your documents in Microsoft's OneDrive cloud service and access and share them from anywhere. Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 T5D-02877 is designed for use on a single PC and requires an electronic software download via the internet. Simply follow the onscreen instructions to install Office after logging in to the Microsoft Store online account page. So for functionality like you've never known, grab the latest version Microsoft Office Home & Business 2016 and start creating.