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Cybershot RX100M3 Digital Camera
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Cybershot RX100M3 Digital Camera


You can get closer to your subject as your lens moves away from the sensor with this Sony Cybershot camera's 9x optical zoom. Its 2.54 cm screen viewfinder helps you avoid unintentionally cropping out friends and family in group shots. The Sony Cybershot has a 20.1 MP camera sensor resolution, allowing you to make even an everyday snapshot look professional. You can enjoy stress-free photography with its 24-70mm lens. The Cybershot camera's auto flash mode lets you compensate for tricky indoor lighting. It has a 290 g weight, a 101.6mm width, a 41mm depth, and a 58.1mm height. This camera has a rechargeable battery. It's compatible with Memory Stick, microSD, SDXC, and Pro Duo memory cards. Also, the Sony Cybershot digital camera is black. You can say goodbye to blurry, grainy photos thanks to this Sony camera.