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Parrot - DISCO FPV FHD Video Drone
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Parrot - DISCO FPV FHD Video Drone


Autopilot FHD video with 3-axis stabilization 45 mins battery life 80 kM/H max speed Removable aerodynamic wings Reinforced leading edges Carbon tubes High-speed engine 8" foldable propeller Powerful onboard autopilot CPU Dual core A9 GPS, altimeter, airspeed sensor 3-axis Inertial Navigation System Optical flow camera Ultrasonic sensor 32GB of internal memory Ultrasound: Yes Altimeter: Yes Optical flow camera: Yes Airspeed sensor (Pitot tube): Yes 3 axis gyroscope: Yes 3 axis accelerometer: Yes CPU Dual core Cortex A9: Yes Internal Flash Memory: 32GB Built-in GPS: Yes GPS + GLONASS: Yes Access point network: Yes WiFi AC-type, 2 antennas 2,4GHz: Yes Up to 2km with Parrot Skycontroller 2 without obstacles and interferences: Yes 2700 mAh / 3 cells Lipo Battery: Yes Battery life: 45min EPP foam & carbon tube: Yes Motor 1280kv: Yes Servomoteur 5V: Yes RF Receiver ready SBUS, SUMD: Yes 1080p Full HD camera: Yes Video streaming: 360p / 720p Linux & Open source SDK for App development: Yes 1 PARROT DISCO: Yes 1 BATTERY: Yes CHARGER + CABLE: Yes 1 USB CABLE: Yes 1 USER GUIDE: Yes 1 EXTRA REAR PROPELLERS: Yes 1 PARROT COCKPITGLASSES: Yes 1 PARROT SKYCONTROLLER 2: Yes 1 HOLDER: Yes