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Food Waste Disposer 46
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Food Waste Disposer 46


Hygienically dispose of your food scraps from the kitchen sink with the Insinkerator Model 46 Food Waste Disposer. This entry-level Insinkerator model 46 is suitable for lighter use and ideal for disposing of fruit and veggie scraps accumulated from food preparations and left-overs. It's simple to use, just deposit your scraps down the sink and within seconds they'll be transformed into finely ground particles, without the use of any blades. The particles are safely sent through your plumbing system to the wastewater treatment plant, so your scraps won't end up sitting in landfill. Plus, by eliminating decomposing food scraps in the household bins your kitchen environment will be free of odour, bacteria and pesky insects. This food waste disposer is incredibly convenient, requiring little to no maintenance; as its contents don't need to be emptied, limiting your trips to the outdoor bin. This system has basic Sound Reduction Technology so any noise is practically eliminated, causing minimal disruption to your household. Turn to the Insinkerator Model 46 for a modern-kitchen waste disposal solution.