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Panasonic - DMP-UB900GNK - Ultra HD Blu-ray Player
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Panasonic - DMP-UB900GNK - Ultra HD Blu-ray Player


Ultra HD Blu-ray Playback (4K/HDR) THX®-certified Images and Sounds High-resolution Audio Playback 4K Direct Chroma Up-scaling 4K Networking Twin HDMI Internet Apps WIFi Built-in BD-ROM Ultra HD Blu-ray/ FULL HD 3D/ BD-Video: Yes BD-RE/ BD-RE DL (Ver.3); BDAV/ AVCHD/ AVCHD 3D/JPEG/ MPO: Yes BD-R/ BD-R DL (Ver.2); BDAV/ AVCHD/ AVCHD 3D/ MKV: Yes DVD; DVD-Video: Yes DVD-R/ DVD-R DL/ DVD-RW; DVD-Video/ DVD Video Recording: Yes AVCHD/ Xvid/ MKV: Yes/ Yes (DVD-R/ DVD-R DL) FLAC/ WAV/ ALAC/ DSD/ WMA/ AAC/ MP3: Yes (DVD-R/ DVD-R DL) JPEG/ MPO: Yes (DVD-R/ DVD-R DL) +R/ +R DL/ +RW; Video/ AVCHD: Yes CD, CD-R/ -RW; CD-DA/ DTS-CD: Yes Xvid/ MKV: Yes (CD-R/ -RW) FLAC/ WAV/ ALAC/ WMA/ AAC/ MP3: Yes (CD-R/ -RW) JPEG/ MPO: Yes (CD-R/ -RW) Dolby Digital/ TrueHD: Yes Decode and Bitstream Output Dolby Digital Plus: Yes Decode and Bitstream Output DTS-HD Master Audio/ DTS-HD High Resolution Audio: Yes Decode and Bitstream Output FLAC: Yes (192kHz/24bit (5.1ch)) WAV: Yes (192kHz/32bit (2ch)) ALAC: Yes (96kHz/32bit (Max.7.1ch), 176.4/192kHz /32bit (Max.5.1ch)) DSD (DFF, DSF): Yes (2.8MHz (2ch/ 5.1ch), 5.6MHz (2ch only)) Slot: Yes Compatible Media: SD/ SDHC/ SDXC JPEG/ MPO: Yes AVCHD/ AVCHD 3D: Yes MP4: Yes Slot: Yes Front: Yes USB Standard: USB 2.0 High Speed FLAC/ WAV/ ALAC/ DSD/ WMA/ AAC/ MP3: Yes Xvid/ MKV/ MP4/ MPEG-2: Yes JPEG/ MPO: Yes 4K High Precision Chroma Processor: Yes 60p/50p/ 4:4:4 (HDMI2.0): Yes 24p/ 25p: Yes 4K Direct Chroma Up-scaling: Yes (24p/25p) 4K Networking (4K Video Playback/ 4K JPEG Playback): Yes 4K NETFLIX, 4K YouTube Playback: Yes Picture Type Presets: Normal/ Cinema/ Fine Cinema/ Retro Cinema/ Cartoon/ Live Block/ Randam/ Mosquito Noise Reduction: Yes Video on Demand in HD Quality: Yes Deep Colour: Yes x.v.Colour: Yes Twin HDMI: Yes Pure Audio on HDMI (HDMI Low Clock Jitter Process): Yes High Quality Network Audio Playback (DLNA): Yes (FLAC/ WAV/ ALAC/ DSD/ WMA/ AAC/ MP3) High Clarity Sound Premium: Yes Digital Tube Sound: Yes (192kHz/96kHz (up to 7.1ch)) Surround Re-Master: Yes (192kHz/96kHz (up to 7.1ch)) Audio D/A Converter: Yes (192kHz/32bit (2ch+7.1ch)) Unit Display: Yes (Dot Matrix) Remote Control: Yes Subtitle Position/Brightness Adjustment: Yes VIERA Link (HDAVI Control 5): Yes MiracastTM: Yes Internet Apps: Yes Web Browser: Yes Wireless LAN System: Yes (Built-in) DLNA (Client & Renderer): Yes External HDD Playback: Yes Network Drive Access: Yes BD-LiveTM: Yes HDMI Output: Yes (2) Optical Output: Yes Coaxial Output: Yes Analogue Audio LR Output: Yes Analogue Audio 7.1ch Output: Yes LAN (Ethernet) Terminal: Yes (for Ultra HD Blu-ray, DLNA, BD-LiveTM, Internet Apps and Firmware Update) Video System: PAL/ NTSC Power Supply: AC 220-240V, 50Hz Normal Use [Approx.]: 26W Standby /Quick Start Off [Approx.]: 0.2W HDMI Cable Included: Yes