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Sony Hi-Fi System
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Sony Hi-Fi System


CD, USB Bluetooth® Two mic inputs Built-in vocal fader function SongPal app One-box design Bass Boost Function: MEGA BASS Tuner Timer (REC / PLAY / SLEEP): CD/USB/Tuner CD Functions: Yes TUNER: Yes(FM) USB: Yes Bluetooth®: Yes Input Terminals: Analog Audio Output (1) Tuning Range (FM): 87.5-108MHz/50kHz Tuning Range (AM): No Station Preset: FM20 External Antenna Terminal: Yes VCD: Yes CD: Yes CD-R: Yes CD-RW: Yes 8cm Disc (CD): Yes 8cm Disc (DVD): No mp3: Yes NFC: Yes Tweeter Unit: 5cmx2(cone type) Speaker Subwoofer Unit: 20cmx1 Power Consumption (Standby Mode): 0.5W(in Echo standby mode) Standby Mode Activated: Yes