Water Filter Jug, Medium, 2.6L White

This Philips Water Filter Jug AWP2935WHT/79 utilises the Philips Micro X-Clean filter to reduce chlorine, limescale, heavy metals and emerging contaminants such as microplastics and PFOA* to deliver crisp, refreshing water. It has a 1.5-litre filtered-water capacity and a 2.6 litre total capacity. It has a digital timer to remind you when the filter needs replacing, and a flip-top lid for single-handed refill. Plus, it has a dust-proof spout to keep water fresh and clean by preventing dust from getting in through the water outlet. Enjoy great-tasting water at a fraction of the cost compared to bottled water thanks to this Philips Water Filter Jug. (Replacement filter AWP211 or AWP212, sold separately).