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5-in-1-Salad-Maker on sale

5-in-1 Salad Maker

• Includes 5 grating & slicing cones • Internal storage compartment...
Kitchen-Wizz-8-Plus-1000W-Food-Processor on sale

Kitchen Wizz 8 Plus 1000W Food Processor

This Breville food processor's 1000 watt electric motor allows you to chop dense foods. It has a 1.5 litre capacity and a wide feed chute. Plus, the Breville BFP580SIL has dishwasher safe parts, so you can successfully wash olive oil, butter and other stubborn ingredients from accessories. It includes a reversible disc, a dough blade, and an adjustable disc. The Breville food processor has pulse settings and a silver finish. You can make your kitchen life easier with this Breville food processor...
Multiprocessor-355-Watts on sale

Multiprocessor 355 Watts

This Sunbeam food processor's 355 watt electric motor helps you effortlessly chop dense foods. It has a 1.75 litre capacity. The Sunbeam LC6250 includes a whisk, a spatula, a processing blade, a slicing blade, a dough blade, and a shredding disc. Adjust the speed to get the right consistency with its 5 speed settings. The Sunbeam food processor features a white finish. Prep foods quickly thanks to this Sunbeam food processor....
MultiPro-Home-1000W-Food-Processor-Black on sale

MultiPro Home 1000W Food Processor - Black

This Kenwood food processor features a 1000 watt electric motor, so you can grate hard cheeses. It has a 3 litre capacity. Load the accessories for easy cleaning with the Kenwood FDP642BK's dishwasher safe parts. It includes a reversible disc, a slicing disc, and a grating disc. The Kenwood food processor's 2 speed settings enable you to apply the right speed for what you're chopping. Also, it features a white and metal finish. Puree freshly made sauces and soups thanks to this Kenwood food proc...
Now $149.00
Kitchen-Wizz-1000W-Food-Processor on sale

Kitchen Wizz 1000W Food Processor

This Breville food processor's 1000 watt electric motor lets you effortlessly grate hard cheeses. It has a 2.6 litre capacity, pulse settings, and a stainless steel finish. This food processor is a solid pick for cutting down on salsa prep time....
Nutri-Ninja-Pro on sale

Nutri Ninja Pro

Pulse your way to the smoothest of smoothies with this NINJA Nutri Ninja Pro's BL450NZ powerful 900 Watt motor and patented Pro Extractor blades that break down whole fruits and vegetables in seconds. The Ninja Pro Extraction blades effortlessly crush frozen fruits, ice, seeds, skins and stems in a liquid base for an even consistency to your morning smoothie with maximum nutrient and vitamin extraction. Enjoy healthy drinks on the go with the two included Nutri Ninja Cups and Sip & Seal lids tha...
Kinetix-Twist-Blender on sale

Kinetix Twist Blender

This Breville blender's 4 speed settings help you apply the right speed for what you're blending. You can fit your kitchen's theme with its stainless steel finish. Blend delicious, healthy smoothies with this Breville blender....
Cuisine-Companion-Steamer-Accessory on sale

Cuisine Companion Steamer Accessory

Transform your Tefal Cuisine Companion into a supercharged steamer with the Tefal Cuisine Companion Steamer Accessory XF386B. The Steamer Accessory XF386B adds two new cooking levels to your existing Tefal Cuisine Companion so you can cook up to four recipes at once. The XF386B Steamer Accessory also adds an additional 3.7L cooking capacity to your Cuisine Companion. Plus, the XF386B has a unique drip collector that stores any cooking juices so they don't mix with the rest of your meal and you c...
Cuisine-Companion-Vegetable-Shredder on sale

Cuisine Companion Vegetable Shredder

Transform your Tefal Cuisine Companion into the ultimate food prepping tool with the addition of the Tefal Cuisine Companion Vegetable Shredder XF3851. The vegetable shredded attaches to your existing Tefal Cuisine Companion so you can easily slice and shred healthy veggies directly into the Cuisine Companion's cooking bowl. The three reversible discs have five functions so you can chop, slice, fine grate, thick grate and shred, and with the double feed tube, it's easy to feed ingredients throug...
Deluxe-Upgrade-Kit on sale

Deluxe Upgrade Kit

* Compatible with 600W and 900W NutriBullet models* 1 x 700ml Tall Cup & 1 x 500ml Cup* 1 x Extractor Blade* 1 x Comfort Lip Ring with handle & 1 x Lip Ring...
Duo-1500W-Blender on sale

Duo 1500W Blender

This Ninja blender features a 1500 watt electric motor, so you can tackle tough jobs with confidence. You can avoid blade-related injuries with its safety lock. The Ninja BL642NZ's black finish lets you match your kitchen's look. You can select from the fruits and mix-ins you have on hand to make healthful morning smoothies with help from this Ninja blender....