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Streetwize-Multi-Purpose-Water-Brush on sale

Streetwize Multi Purpose Water Brush

• Brush rotation powered by water pressure from garden hose • Includes 2 x interchangeable heads & male hose fitting ideal for use on passenger vehicles, 4WDs, motorbikes and around the home CC07936...
25% off
$14.99 each
Streetwize-3-Piece-Sheepskin-Wheel-Brush-Set on sale

Streetwize 3 Piece Sheepskin Wheel Brush Set

• Includes two genuine sheepskin wheel brushes and one detail brush with soft boar hair and poly fibre bristles • Perfect for cleaning hard to reach places such as air vents, interior and exterior trim, wheels & nuts CC07642...
25% off
$44.99 set
Streetwize-Foaming-Spray-Gun-1000mL-Capacity on sale

Streetwize Foaming Spray Gun 1000mL Capacity

• Mixes & sprays concentrated foaming wash • Connects to a garden hose • 6x foam rate settings CC06505...
25% off
$41.24 each
Voltage-12V-Powered-Battery-Box-with-in-Built-140Amp-Voltage-Sensitive-Relay on sale

Voltage 12V Powered Battery Box with in Built 140A...

• 3x 50Amp and 1x 175Amp grey connectors & 1x 50Amp red connector • 300Amp battery main switch • Switch controlled digital voltmeter with LED display screen EL33211...
Save $30.00
$249.00 each
Supercharge-Sea-Master-Batteries on sale

Supercharge Sea Master Batteries

• Available in 575CCA, 640CCA & 720CCA EL05164...
25% off
From $149.00 each
Supercharge-All-Rounder-4WD-Batteries on sale

Supercharge All Rounder 4WD Batteries

• Available in 60AH, 80AH, 105AH EL04630...
25% off
From $164.00 each
Voltage-12W-500Amp-Spike-Guard-Jumper-Leads on sale

Voltage 12W 500Amp Spike Guard Jumper Leads

• Built-in surge protector Also available: 12V 800Amp. EL31724 EL31723...
From $79.99 each
Also available: 12V 800Amp
$104.99 each
Voltage-6V12V-Automatic-Battery-Charger on sale

Voltage 6V/12V Automatic Battery Charger

• 2.7amp to 8amp models available EL28953...
20% off
From $32.99 each
Voltage-Battery-Master-Switch on sale

Voltage Battery Master Switch

• Heavy duty corrosion resistant body • Brass Terminals • Isolates the battery instantly by turning the knob • Suitable for automotive and marine use EL32504...
20% off
$28.99 each
Voltage-Battery-Terminals on sale

Voltage Battery Terminals

• 100% Solid brass • Post Size 19.5mm • Suitable for cable sizes 25-70mm Negative post size 17.5mm. EL32565 Also available: Terminal covers. TO32980 EL32564...
$9.99 each
Also available: Terminal covers
$6.99 pair
Voltage-24W-Solar-Battery-Charger on sale

Voltage 2.4W Solar Battery Charger

• Charge & maintain battery while dormant • Great for cars, 4WDs & boats 2.4W. EL29727 4.8W. EL29728 20% off...
$35.99 each
$55.99 each
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